Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MTA Licence Management System?
MTA's Licence Management System is a system that allows you to manage your establishment wherever you are and whenever you need to.
What features does this system offer?
Through MTA's Licence Management System, you can view and manage information about various aspects of your establishments. You can also view and settle any pending payments through the system's payments portal.
How can I start using this system?
Using the system is very simple. Once you fill in the registration form, we will send you an email with an activation link. Once you follow the instructions through the activation process, your account should be all set and ready to be used.
How much does it cost to use the MTA Licence Management System?
Creating an account and using the system is completely free!
Can I use this system from my mobile or tablet?
Absolutely! MTA's Licence Management System is designed in a way that adapts itself to the different screen sizes of your devices.
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